Gold Medalists

 The highest achievement in each discipline (Moves in the Field, Free Skating, Pairs, Dance, Figures) is passing the senior "gold" test. When a skater passes a gold test, he or she earns the designation "U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist." Becoming a U.S.F.S. gold medalist is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the sport. Passing the test is an incredibly difficult endeavor. In a typical year, approximately 40,000 U.S. Figure Skating test levels are completed by athletes; of those, about 1,300, or only 3 percent, are at the gold or senior level.
A Special Congratulations to our 
U.S. Figure Skating 
Gold Medalists for their hard work!

Dena Yeagley- Dance
Rick Vincent- 
Debra Cherubin- 
Figures (1990), Free Skating (1990)
Gloria Leous- Free Skating (1993), Moves (2010)
​Nathaniel Ling- 
Moves (1998)
Andrea Messing- 
Moves (1998)
Heather Wolnick- 
Moves (1998)
Lynn Coraor- 
Moves (1999), Free Skating (2000)
Amanda Kehoe- 
Moves (2000)
Charity Ketz- 
Moves (2002), Free Skating (2004)
Vivian Olmedo- 
Dance (2002)
Skylaur Morris- 
Moves (2005)
Laura Kottlowski- 
Moves (2005)
Elizabeth Gibbons- Moves (2005), Dance (2007)
Daniel Haskins- 
Pairs (2006)
Kristin Holsing- 
Moves (2006) 
Elise Warfield- 
Moves (2006)
Emilee Szabo- 
Moves (2006), Free Skating (2008)
Rachel Matos- 
Moves (2008)
Laura Holsing- 
Moves (2009)
Elena Woiciechowska- 
Moves (2009)
Beth Kalbach- 
Moves (2010), Dance (2016), Solo Dance (2017)
Jess Shulik- 
Moves (2010)
Alyse Fong- 
Moves (2013)
Constance Gerstle- 
Free Skating (2016)
Hunter Evans- Moves (2016)
Sadie Roberts- Moves (2017), Solo Dance (2018)