Used Skate and Apparel Sale

The NVFSC will hold our Used Skate & Apparel Sale on Sunday, November 13th (2:00-6:00 pm) and again on Wednesday, November 16th (6:00-9:00 pm) in the Party Rooms at Pegula Ice Arena.

Now all we need are some used skates and apparel! This is where you come in. This event is a fundraiser for the Club as well as a way to recover some of your investment in used and out-grown equipment and apparel. The Club takes a percentage of each sale and returns the rest to you. The Club will receive 25% of the sale price from members and 30% of the sale price from non-members. 

If you have items to donate, please read how to do this below.

This is an easy way to help out your Club, fellow members & group lessons students - while returning money to your pocket!  We hope you are able to donate items and spread the word about the sale. If you can spare some time to volunteer to help during the sale, please let Laura Biggs ( or Tina Konrath ( know.

1. Email a description of each item that includes such things as make and model, size, as well as what you want to sell them for (lower prices result in better sales). This information (item description, size, cost and your name) should be printed on a card or scrap of paper and placed in a baggy and attached to the item when delivered to the sale. Please also email your description to Laura Biggs at 

2. Collection Dates: We will be available to collect items for sale on Sunday, November 6 from 2:00 - 4:30 pm and on Wednesday, November 9 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

3. We will not be able to deal with inventory additions and tags on the day of the sale! Unsold items should be picked up by 9:15 pm the last day of the Sale, or arrangements can be made. Items not picked-up by the end of the season (May 31, 2017) become the property of the Club. The Club is not responsible for missing or stolen items.